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Name  __________________________________                VTR Member?  Yes_____   No _____

Spouse  _________________________________                TRA Member?  Yes _____  No _____

Address _________________________________                Other British Car Clubs?  _________

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________________________________________       list member  __Y___N___

Home Phone ______________________________              Please circle interest in:

Work Phone ______________________________                Tech Sessions          Autocross

E-Mail __________________________________                 Social Events           Tours

Triumphs  1)___________________________________      Fun Rallyes             Car Shows

                  2)___________________________________        Races                        T-S-D Rallyes


Make Your $25.00 check payable to:

            Triumph Club of North Florida

        Mail to:

            Triumph Club of North Florida
            c/o Norm Reimer
            1409 Forest Avenue
            Neptune Beach, FL  32266

     Membership dues are for January thru December each year.
     Hats, shirts and other items are extra and optional.